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    A patent grants certain rights to an inventor. Generally, patent rights permit an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or selling his or her invention for a specified period of time (twenty years from the filing date of a patent application). These exclusive rights are designed to encourage inventions.

    Mr. Kramsky has successfully prosecuted hundreds of patents during his distinguished legal career. His exposure to a wide range of high tech clients, coupled with an education that includes both Bachelors and Masters degrees from U.C.L.A. and Johns Hopkins University, have enabled him to obtain a familiarity and a comfort level with a wide range of technologies and inventors. A sampling of his patent prosecution experience encompasses the following technologies: computer architectures; semiconductor devices and processing (both crystalline and amorphous, silicon and GaAs); CCDs; solar cells; infrared detectors; memories; microwave switches; nanotech devices; digital systems and analog circuits; communications systems; transmitters and receivers; digital and analog image processing; microprocessor-controlled systems; high-frequency systems (microwave and millimeter wave), including antennas, mixers, and waveguides; business methods; light valves; liquid crystal displays; ring laser gyroscopes; fiber optic interferometers, and ring resonators; feedback systems; accelerometers; miscellaneous inertial sensors; and connectors.

    Trademarks and service marks

    Trademarks are distinctive symbols of authenticity that distinguish products and merchants from one another . Likewise, a service mark distinguishes the services of providers. A trademark or service mark can be a valuable piece of property, especially when it is associated with a successful product or business. If you wish to formalize and secure your exclusive rights to a trademark or service mark you are either using or intend to use, the Law Offices of Elliott N. Kramsky offers and provides the expertise you require.


    A wide variety of literary and artistic works can receive copyright protection: books, stories, periodicals, poems, computer programs, music, songs, dramas, pictures, graphics, sculptures, architecture, and films are just some of the works that the law protects. Under the law, copyright is secured the moment an original work is "fixed" in a tangible medium.

    Prudence demands that an author secure the full panoply of rights, both procedural and substantive, as well as the range of remedies offered through compliance with the statutory copyright registration process. The Law Offices of Elliott N. Kramsky is fully conversant with the processes and procedures required to assure the author that such statutory rights will be "there" when, and if, needed to deter and, if necessary, enjoin infringers.

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